Internal Dunnage – Returnable Packaging – Totes

Our partners produce dunnage-packaging-totes and are a solidified leader in the Returnable Packaging Industry.   They have a massive amount of manufacturing space and a Prototype & Design Center that is dedicated to the processing of XLPE Foam, Plastic Corrugated, and Wood products.

Products Provided:

  • Custom XLPE foam details in various densities from 2# to 15# and thicknesses from 0.125” to 5”
  • Corrugated Assemblies
  • Custom Divider Sets
  • Returnable interior foam dunnage
  • Custom Plastic Corrugated Totes
  • Custom cut HDPE, UHMW, Colorboard, Color Core, MDF, or Plywood details and assemblies
  • Various Pressure Sensitive Adhesives that can be applied to any substrate
Automotive Parts Returnable Dunnage

Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • In-house Waterjet
  • High speed CNC router with design capabilities
  • Roller Die Cutting Press – 3 on site
  • Sonic Welding Stations – 3 on site
  • In line Hot Melt glue stations
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